Terms, Conditions & Warranty

Terms, Conditions & Warranty


  1. Each quartz (engineered stone)/natural stone product may vary in batches, shades, colours and patterns. Our price is based on information provided by the customer/representative and our interpretation of the same. This quote may be subject to price change due to uncontrollable circumstances (material/expenses increased), actual templating, out of Calgary install and any addendums to the quotation. We are a fabrication company with limited inventory selections and therefore rely on our suppliers. Unfortunately, we have no control as to the brand, origin, quality, quantity, warranty, and availability of their inventory. Sometimes projects will be delayed due to the choice of material/product.

  2. Unless waived by management, Deposit (approximately 50% for projects under 15 slabs and 10% for bigger projects ) is required to hold slabs/items on regular stock/inventory items or purchase non-inventory materials/items or to start fabrication. Deposit can ONLY be applied as a credit towards the use of the same slab/materials/items/project. If the customer CHANGES slab/materials/items or DOES NOT PROCEED with the job, than the deposit will become non-refundable/forfeited by the customer towards a re-stocking fee/sales processing fee. But for projects which the Deposit was $0.00/not required, the customer agrees to pay for all services and expenses rendered up-to-date upon cancellation.

  3. CUSTOMER gives authorization to our company and/or representative to do the work as specified in the quote and agrees that we will not be held liable for any damages resulting from any REMOVAL service(s) performed. (REMOVALS are not included in any package unless specified/requested and charged accordingly) Any additional work performed/service provided by us/our representative(s) which was not specified in the Quote/Invoice will have no warranty and will/may be charged accordingly and the Customer(s) agree(s) to not hold us/our representative Liable for any damage/negligence resulting from the work performed/service provided.

  4. Once the job has commenced/deposit/delivery of any items/products received, the customer accepts all Terms, Conditions & Warranty of our company and on the Quote and/or Invoice.

  5. Balance Payment/Full Payment is due on date of installation (unless specified above). Any further services required after the install will be scheduled after receiving full payment of invoice (unless waived by management). Stage payment is available for bigger project(s) and will be determined by management as to which PAYMENT TERM(s) is appropriate (eg. INVOICE issued for all currently completed items/units and DUE 2 weeks from date of install). Failing to comply with the TERMS will result in delaying the project/grounds for our company to abandon project and/or end this contract. All outstanding INVOICES are subject to interest and is DUE ON DEMAND and may be forwarded to a Collection Agency/Agent/Lawyer for Legal Actions and the customer agrees to pay all Legal Fees and Disbursements and all other agent fees relating to obtaining full payment of outstanding invoices. Our company may request pre-payment prior to ordering further material/fabrication/install of the remaining unfinished items within the project(s). Customer agrees that ALL PRODUCTS WILL REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF “Rodex Enterprises Corp.” until full payment is received for all services/fabrications and/or products purchased and/or used for the project.

  6. To avoid a $65.00 Cancellation Fee please contact our office 24 business hours prior to your appointment. For all out of Calgary appointments, there is an additional minimum $65 and/or $0.50/km Measure/Templating Trip Fee and/or $1/km Install Trip Fee (calculated per appointment: from our shop location to the site-location and back and based on the service of the appointment). Fees will be charged accordingly for cancellation of appointments that were made within 24 hours. (unless waived by management).

  7. Methods of payment: E-TRANSFER (“eileen@rodexstone.com” ANSWER is “rodex”), CASH or CHEQUE (payable to “RODEX ENTERPRISES CORP.”). All overdue account is charged 2% per month (on full Invoice Amount) and $50.00 service charge per NSF cheque. All legal fees, our company’s fees, and/or other fees and all disbursements and/or expenses used by a Collection Agency, Agent, Lawyers, our company, and/or others, to obtain full payment of account and/or removal of the job/project will be reimbursed in full by the customer(s), their heirs or successors. Customer(s), their heirs or successors agree(s ) to waive any damages/negligence resulting from the same and guarantee to save harmless our company and our representatives for trying to obtain full payment. E. & O.E.

  8. WARRANTY is only VALID when INVOICE is paid in full. Warranty starts on the Install/Invoice date and based on normal usage/wear & tear (Warranty is void if something acidic or harsh chemicals were deposited on the countertops/product.)
  • (One) year on our Service, Fabrication & Install on the original material used for the project (All REMOVAL and REPAIR service(s) have NO WARRANTY);
  • 1(One) year on QUARTZ slab(s) selected from our REGULAR stock/inventory items FOR any project(s) by the original homeowner(s). Warranty replacement slabs will be
    determined on the availability of the same item. If item is discontinued/a special ordered item, then customer must select the same grade/catagory from our current REGULAR
    stock/inventory choices. NO REFUND will be issued. Any STORE CREDIT will become void after one year from date of issue (NO EXCEPTIONS unless authorized by
  • Sold “AS IS” for all GRANITE, MARBLE, QUARTZITE & other natural slabs viewed/located at our warehouse and used for the project;
  • Sold “AS IS” for all miscellaneous types of REMNANT(S) materials used for the project;
  • Customer(s) who supply their own slab(s)/material(s) for a project will be responsible for removing all remnant(s)/slabs from our warehouse within 5 business days
    after install/invoice date, after the deadline, anything remaining will be considered abandon and become the property of Rodex Enterprises Corp. free of charge(s) and
    with no obligations. If applicable, the customer(s) agrees to pay all fees & expenses due to the actual owner(s) of the slab(s)/material(s). Customer is also responsible
    for DELIVERY of the material to our warehouse (please call our office prior to delivery for warehouse assistance). MEASUREMENT/TEMPLATING is scheduled
    after cabinets are properly fully install and secured at the on-site location. FABRICATION will begin once we receive customer(s) initial on the Quote and/or a NON-
    REFUNDABLE Deposit (unless waived by management). Prior to scheduling an INSTALL cabinets/supports must be fully finished/completed and ready OR we will
    base on the assuption that this is the state which you would like our Team to secure the project pieces. INSTALL will also be scheduled based on the specified
    TERMS of the Quote/company agreement if applicable.
  • Limited Supplier(s)’s warranty for all product(s) such as sealers, cleaners, sinks, faucets & accessories view from our shop/catalog/information sheet and on all material(s)/slab(s)
    viewed directly at our Supplier(s)’s shop which was ordered for the job/project. (Please obtain CURRENT WARRANTY policy DIRECTLY from each SUPPLIER if needed.
    Some suppliers will not warranty their product and or natural stone. Installation must be done by a certified/licensed individual/company (example: plumber, electrician and/or
    other trades…) and supporting documents must be provided with every claim otherwise WARRANTY will be void. Any expenses/services provided by our company with respect to
    the repairs or replacement products/job will be charged directly to the Customer(s);
  • PLEASE DO NOT FIX any problem(s)/issue(s) relating to the job/project/product until management has done an on-site assessment and has determined if it is a valid company
    Warranty coverage or a Limited Supplier(s) warranty coverage that needs to be forwarded to our supplier(s). Both types of WARRANTY will be VOID if our representative did
    not perform an on-site assessment prior to any repairs/replacements completed.

ACKNOWLEDGE of ACCEPTANCE to commence / proceed with the job with any of the following methods:

  • Customer(s) may INITIAL Quote or EMAIL acceptance confirmation to eileen@rodexstone.com OR info@rodexstone.com
  • Customer(s) allow our company/representative to ENTER the site location to perform the necessary steps for your project (eg. measurement/templating/install/service/delivery etc…)