‘When DEKTON becomes Nature’ – New Dekton Fall Colors

— Comprised of six stunning new hues, the new Dekton® Stonika Collection draws inspiration from the most coveted natural stone materials – with spectacular shine and unrivaled durability. —

October 24th 2018, Cosentino released its new fall colors, and they are fantastically impressive. Inspired by the same elements, values, hues, and designs we have fallen in love with that Natural Stone leaches into our hearts. Dekton X Gloss out did its self this year with six new beautiful colors…

OLIMPO, the first of the six, takes inspiration from Carrara Marble. Where most people become frightened by how different each individual slab can look, Dekton took the most loved and made it without discrepancies so the worrisome buyer has nothing to fear.

 TAGA takes its movement and similar color from the Natural Quartzite, Taj Mahal. And it does an incredible job at doing so. Its golden colors won our hearts over almost instantly, reminding us of the subtle gold put into the Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold. Put this beauty of a second new color next to any quartzite and I can guarantee, it will steal your heart as well. It gives just the right amount of everything into what you didnt know you were looking for.

SOGNE takes the weathered concrete look that is surprisingly in style this year, and mixes it with the intense grays of the natural stone Grey Pulpis. Look that up, fall in love with it, and then come back here and fall in love all over again. Grey is incredibly popular this year. We have noticed a lot more grays coming out from all quartz suppliers, so a new grey color wasn’t surprising at first. Until we got a good look at its inconceivable high gloss shine, flawless patterns, and a color that is incomparable to any other. Well done.

 KORSO takes all the outstanding qualities and features of Sogne, and warms it up for those who are ‘over the gray’ that the year has been compiled of. This toupee, warm stone color brings all of your dreams come true when it comes to the want of white everything, and the need of something different. This would be your stone. It shares the same high gloss beauty as the rest of these new colors, the same alluring veins and ‘broken’ look as Sogne, and your new intense desire to own a piece of Dekton stone. What more could you ask for!

ARGA reminds us of the Taga, the Taj Mahal-gold inspired stone we viewed earlier, but brings more rugged features. More darker tones spread across the stone. More dynamic, and far less structure. To me, it reminds me of the less known Antolini Quartzite which is more on the pink-rusty side, but the commonalities are remarkably similar. Whatever it reminds you of, it is sure to be an incredible center piece of any building or home it enters. Warm, calming, and intriguing.

BERGEN takes everything we love about a White Macaubus Natural Stone, and transforms it into something we wouldn’t question before seeing. The dark, erratic veins spread throughout give it a sense of story, and identity. It becomes more define, identifiable and strong with the high gloss finish Dekton X Gloss is so famous for.

Well done on this years Fall Lineup, Cosentino. Rodex is acquiring samples in our show room soon if you are interested in viewing them for yourself, I know we will be staring at them for a number of weeks… The Cosentino Family came out with a number of other colors as well, for Silestone, and the Industrial Collection for Dekton. All of which I will showcase in our Feature Products Page.
I cant thank the Cosentino Calgary Center Team enough for the invite to gaze into the color and shine of these beautiful masterpieces. Stay tuned for future projects in a few of these happening in the new year!


-All photo rights belong to Cosentino –

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