PCI unveils Ice-Eradicator for conveyor pulleys

PCI’s new Ice-Eradicator is designed to maximize conveyor uptime in cold weather. Photo: PCI

PCI’s new Ice-Eradicator aims to temper the effects of frozen conveyor belts. Wheel Loader Rock Bucket

PCI unveils Ice-Eradicator for conveyor pulleys

The drum-style Ice-Eradicator is installed at the head position of the conveyor and de-ices and softens the conveyor belt, encouraging start-up in freezing conditions. PCI says the technology can also be adapted to any Eradicator or Deflector wing pulley to discourage problems related to ice buildup in non-drive positions.

PCI’s technology incorporates a slip ring and heating element to heat an internal liquid solution.

With a 120V, 15A power supply, PCI says the Ice-Eradicator can be energized just hours prior to start-up, though harsher environments may require more time. When energized, the surface temperature of the pulley increases at a rate of 25 degrees an hour, which increases the belt temperature by up to 5 degrees an hour.

By elevating the surface temperature of the pulley, the belt-to-pulley connection is de-iced and the belt is softened, increasing the likelihood of successful conveyor start-up, PCI says. In critical applications and all non-drive positions, the Ice-Eradicator may be energized during operation for performance in extreme conditions.

In a case study environment of 20-degree ambient temperature and 5 in. of fresh snow, the Ice-Eradicator completely melted snow and ice in three hours with a single power source, according to PCI.

PCI says the Ice-Eradicator is designed to optimize cold-weather performance and reduce safety hazards.

In freezing environments, conveyor belts become rigid, preventing operation by disrupting the ability of the drive pulley to grip the belt. The Ice-Eradicator enhances belt grip in cold temperatures by maintaining an elevated temperature near the pulley’s outer surface, thereby heating the belt to discourage the belt from freezing.

To minimize downtime in cold weather months, unorthodox methods are sometimes employed to start up a plant. Many of these methods increase the likelihood of workplace accidents, PCI says.

PCI says the Ice-Eradicator reduces the risk of safety hazards posed by the need for direct human intervention at the drive position through the use of propane burners or liquid chemical agents.

Another benefit PCI says the Ice-Eradicator provides is that it does not use direct flames.

Although effective, using direct flame at a site can increase the risk of fire or workplace injury. Additionally, heating fuel can be costly during cold weather months.

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PCI unveils Ice-Eradicator for conveyor pulleys

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